Saturday, January 24, 2009

Received this in the mail: a New Con Game

I am so happy! It's a dream come true! I never imagined in my mundane uneventful life that I would be a filthy rich dollar millionaire. But now my friend Mr. Smith Raymond [why is a surname masquerading as a first name, the whole thing takes on an aura of suspicion] informs me that I have an ATM card with $ 6.8 million in my name. Hurray! But being the compulsive spender that I am I think I will gift it away. Anybody want 6.8 million US greenbacks? Write to me at your own risk. Now for some grammatical nitpicking which I often tend to do as a habit:

This is to officially inform you that (ATM Card Number; [wrong punctuation should have been a : not a ;] 5278763100030014 with a fund worth 6.8 Million Dollars has been accredited ["credited", Mr. Raymond not "accredited", the latter means "being recognised"] in your favor, [sacrilegious, no space after commer] Please Contact Mr Smith Raymond ( [if you are such a big millionaire giving away millions why a humble account?] With the following, Full Name: Delivery Address: Age: Occupation: and Phone Number: [care to explain why you think I am so dumb as to give all this information on the Internet?]

Best Regards.
Mr Smith Raymond.

Thank you Mr. Smith Raymond, but much as I would like to (being the gullible guy that I am), anyway, I am a bit reluctant to take your offer as our income tax guys would take away 30 per cent of that huge amount and the balance is not worth the trouble. But I am willing to pass the chance to my readers! Anyone? Write me.

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