Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year, Readers!

Wishing you, all dear readers, a happy new year! Full of expectations I wait to turn a new leaf, to organise myself more, spend less time in front of the television, to let things churn, to write more and think less, to be more friendly, to laugh more, to thanks God for small mercies, to blog more, to... to... to....

Today on the way to work a South Indian was calling everyone on his cellphone and wishing "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in a thick Tamil accent. I like his enthusiasm, accent and all, because it is for goodwill, and I am not against goodwill of any sort, hmm, you can say I am a "Goodwill Hunter".

Enough! We screwed up 2008 badly. It's a carcass lying outside the door of 2009, a witless, dim apparition full of bitterness and forebodings. What I remember about 2008 is falling sick on the very first day of the year, having had a bottle of white wine (my favorite) and then spending four days in hospital with a gastric infection. Wonder what the b******s mixed with my white wine, some local hooch? Yetch!

So we will not drink wine this year, in fact, I went to bed at 10.30 p.m. on 31st and told wifey to wake me up at 11 p.m. to hear the cracker bursts, the whizzing rockets, the assumed jollity on television and the trumped up shows the channels put up. But I am a deep sleeper and woke up in the morning and asked wifey,

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I called you several times!"

"I didn't hear anything, no rockets, no crackers, nothing!"

"Because there weren't the usual midnight revelry this year. It was a quiet welcome to the new year."

Amen to that!

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extremejohn said...

Last year I had a wild crazy party (posted pics this year again) and it was a blast. This year I needed a break from it, had nothing to do with the economy or anything like that.. I just felt like I needed a quiet night and got it. So Cheers and Happy New Year, a quiet one for many.