Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tinkering with My Blog!

Been goofing around on my blog this morning, yesterday, same-to-same. Some technicalities just escape me, maybe I am technically challenged. I am trying to figure out how to send pictures and videos directly to this blog. Johnnie is something of a plodder and keeps at it till success is mine, so watch out this space. Wasted hours yesterday trying to do that; but no success. Today after trying all I could, sending multiple dummy emails, this is what I get in my inbox:

Your carrier is not supported by Blogger Mobile. Please try using Mail-to-Blogger or visit for more information.

Hmm, well, Google, I have been through this months back and I thought by now you must have spoken to Airtel and sorted out the connectivity issues. So, you haven’t? Is it my fault that I chose a carrier (Airtel) which is not compatible with your thingamajig?

God! Man, can’t you see I am so frustrated having to upload to my gmail and doing all the cutting and pasting?

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