Monday, August 04, 2008

Caferati Fourth Anniversary - Part Two, Alas, Not to Be!

I wrote a lengthy, and oh! so witty Part Two of the "Caferati Fourth Anniversary" and out goes the power, and I can't recover any of what I had written. Such are the vagaries of electronic communication.

I thought I had got the flow correctly, the words were coming unhindered, I almost thought this is how writing must be done, and, and, phut! It went phut, just like that! Can you believe it.

Now I am too sleepy to re-write it. So it will have to wait. So long, farewell, blog.

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Anuradha Khanna said...

Oh this tends to happen a lot with most of us. After getting bugged with this a lot, what I started doing is that whenever I think I migt be writing something over a couple of paras, I write it in MS word and save it every few mins. That really helps. I hope you are able to re-write what must have come in a single flow earlier. All the best.