Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympic Drought is Over! Shooter Shoots a Winner!

So India after all won an Olympic Gold. We did it. That too after so many years, after the attempts made by PT Usha, Milkha Singh, and countless others went for naught. I was like, what? You mean an Indian made it to gold? I still can’t believe it, no I can’t (shaking head).

What’s needed to win an Olympic gold medal is guts and attitude and it seems this soft-spoken guy Abhinav Bindra had it in plenty. He practised hard and long hours to attain personal glory and glory of his country. And, he made it. He is a role model, one who should become the role model for thousands of athletes who get a raw deal when compared to the pre-eminence of cricket.

Gah! Cricket is a lonely game, a game of mere chance, but shooting is definitely a skills game, you have to be good to win. And practice counts. Cricket has its big-ticket sponsors and godfathers. Who do the thousand other athletes and sportspersons have? Nobody.

How ironic that it took us so long to win a gold medal. We had individual silvers and bronzes but not gold and this is as welcome news as a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon.

Abhinav, you have done us proud.


Karthik said...

Reading the lines "Gah! Cricket is a lonely game, a game of mere chance, but shooting is definitely a skills game" i get a feeling that you r one among the many who wants to ridicule cricket for no reason.And when it come to skills probably shooting requires better focus and precision but certainly none lesser than cricket.Cricket is no bread and butter !

John said...

Hey Karthik,

No offense to cricket. I love the- game and was a leftarm bowler and captain of my house team in school. But the over-the-top hype turns me off. That's why I was overjoyed when Abhinav won the gold.

Thanks for the comment!