Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Revolutions - Hari Kunzru

My Revolutions - Hari Kunzru - Book Review - New York Times: Heare what the New York Times' Will Blythe has to say about Hari Kunzru's new novel "My Revolutions".

"This brings us to the British writer Hari Kunzru’s third novel, “My Revolutions,” an extraordinary autumnal depiction of a failed ’60s radical. Imagine a former member of the Weather Underground, still in hiding, looking back on his macrobiotic salad days as a subversive, when the revolution, always the revolution, seemed around the corner, as close as a pop song blasting from a car radio. In assuming this persona (or the British equivalent of it, based on the so-called Angry Brigade), Kunzru, born in 1969, gives an amazingly convincing account of a period he never witnessed. And by treating the millenarian aspirations of his characters with respect, he rejects the popular view of such revolutionaries as delusional adolescents, playing at revolt."

Yeah, back in those misguided sixties and seventies (when Kunzru was a toddler attending primary school) we also waited breathlessly for the revolution as if it was around the corner. I haven't read Kunzru, but this book I am likely to read, if only to find what revolution in the British context could have meant.

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