Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bombay Is Colder Than Delhi and Lying on the Road and Looking at Tyres!

Bombay saw some cold these past few days. It was colder than Delhi at 8.5 degrees while Delhi was 9 degrees. Hurray! We beat you at the temperature stakes, Delhi, though we know we can’t beat you in other departments, such as politics, culture, etc.

What does it feel like to be knocked down, lying flat on the ground and watching the wheels (those deadly rubber crunchers) pass ever so near you? Yes, believe it or not this was what happened to me recently. I was waiting for our company bus to ferry me to Andheri station, and along comes another bus (also the company’s own), out of control, at a great speed, and knocks me down, drags a lot of my colleagues, also waiting for the said bus, and I see what it would be like to be so near death. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, I must say on record here.

The second instalment of the medical procedure I had to undergo as a part of my recent illness was today. I go to the hospital with wifey, wait for half an hour, and I am told that the doctor is on leave. Why wasn’t I informed, as I had made preparations, wasted my time, blocked two days I needed to recover, etc.? He (the doctor’s underling) doesn’t even say sorry, and justifies himself by saying he didn’t find my numbers anywhere, while I remember having given it to the doctor’s secretary.

Guess that’s what makes these people very unprofessional. Now I have to go again on Saturday, and block another two days for the postponed affair. Waaa!

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