Monday, January 14, 2008


On the way to recovery, there’s the aftertaste of medicines in the mouth, the sluggishness, the weakness, all of which will take some time to get out of. Banish it; go away I don’t want to be sick anymore. In the full flow of life I was turned into a vegetable overnight, a man who hikes to the nearby hill everyday found it difficult to go to the bathroom, I was despondent, I was shaky, I read the scriptures that gave me a little respite, my stomach bloated out, and despair took hold.

Mercifully (Mercy is my wife's name) all that is behind me as I go for walks and exercise my body to prevent a repeat of this incident. My family members stood behind me and it was a solace to see their love and affection. It shows how vulnerable we are in the face of sickness and affliction.

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