Sunday, January 20, 2008

About Indian Bloggers and Blogging in General...

Well, have nothing to blog about, nothing to fulminate about. So, well, hm, this is about bloggers I like and read. Seems J Alfred Prufrock lost his laptop, but he is still full of verbal verve and inventive vigour and his writing shines. Wish I could write like him. His latest one about PYTs and TLDs (For the uninitiated, pretty young things in tiny little dresses) had me rocking with laughter of a manic kind. Trust him to come up with the best words, the most unexpected twist in the phrase. I am a great fan of his writing. Well Z also writes well but is so full of ego and sneering condescension, um, and he is hardly blogging these days. These two are two of the best bloggers there are. And there is Amit Verma’s India Uncut (undoubtedly India’s best individual blog) and Jai Arjun Singh’s Jabberwock which are also quite high in my reading list. But how can I forget Annie Zaidi’s Know Turf? I like her style and the range and spread of her subjects are immense. It's as if you are taking a peek into one our best writing minds.

To the right of this post you can see “John’s Shared Items” which contains gleanings from the blog posts of the bloggers mentioned above, the very best writing in the blogging world. Do click on them to read. Another blog I enjoy very much is Encyclopaedia Britannica's Britannica Blog.

The medical procedure I mentioned somewhere in this blog is tomorrow and naturally I am a bit apprehensive. But it is better to be done with it, as I have the ability to submit to medical procedure without complaint. I have also been brought up as a Christian and I think in testing times such as this, ones faith does come to ones rescue, how far one can endure with grace and tranquillity.

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