Saturday, January 19, 2008

Annie's Post "More Number Plates"

Read Annie's post "More Number Plates" appearing in "John's Shared Items" alongside. Imagine a car owner, an affluent type, one of those people who have disposable income, asking a girl in full flow of the country's rush hour to "come", again and again.

Have we (I mean the loutish Indian male) any shame? Arggghhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

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Alankrita said...

My blood boiled too when I read Annie's post. However, on re-reading your blog and going through this I just wonder why men have such double standards when it comes to women. men's baser instincts are aroused on seeing inappropriate attire, why should it be women who work to guard them from themselves.....? Just curious. Isn't that a double standard?

John said...

Hi Alankrita,

The piece about what to wear to office was based on what I had seen Indian girls wearing to office. They just wear anything and do not know or care for a formal dress code. Men do wear jeans and checked shirts but hardly minis and microminis and capris. So that post was to educate the office-going women.

However Annie's case is different because she is on the wide road and for all I know could be returning from a party and men don't have the right to whistle at her or say 'come'.

HOpe you understand the difference.