Thursday, August 02, 2007

Harry Potter and Me!

I am not a great Harry Potter fan, but I must confess I am a fan of Julianne K Rowlings, how she struggled against odds, et al. Probably because witchcraft, wizardry, and the process of initiating young boys and girls into these repel me (maybe, my Christian upbringing is responsible).

I tend to agree with this poll on Orkut. The publisher is charging more than they should for the Harry Potter books. Guess they have to pay the bills for the big launches, the news coverage, the literary agents, the publicists, the hype-creators, the fluff agents, and the public relationswallahs.

However, one niggling doubt: Is Rs 900 (I presume) for a book justified when you can get three books for that sum of money in India? Isn’t this going into overdrive? See the poll, the majority thinks the book is overpriced. The public knows!

I know book publishing is big business and that only big books sell. I was told to cut down my novel to 60 to 70 thousand words because the editor said 100 thousand words won’t sell for a new author (and I am still waiting for the publisher’s verdict). Wonder how many authors have been rendered starving and penurious by the money that has gone into the hype and hoopla surrounding Harry Potter series of novels?

I, for one!
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