Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is There Justice in the Online World?

The biggie websites such as Google don’t have a system of administration to redress complaints. They can’t. How can they; when there are billions of disgruntled guys all over the world sitting before their computers and saying “Hey, this sucks,” and “Hey, that sucks.” They – the biggies – are so big that they would get mail by the billions and no call center would be big enough to handle all that traffic, or, so I guess.

Update: Actually it isn't Google but Blogger [their subsidiary] and then got back to me and cleared my gadget blog. Yay! But now I find that some self-seeking and obnoxious squatter has taken over my blog. Scum, get out of my blog space, now!

Recently a blog of mine was under the weather from Google’s spam blog guys. Google is meticulously checking each blog to find if blogs fall under the spam category. One of my carefully nurtured blogs was under threat of being cancelled thus, research, links and all. I appealed to them, er, by replying to an email they sent me, but got no reply. By now my mail must have been (oh, damnation!) been buried in the billions they receive each day.

So is there justice in the online world, eh? Wait!

The other website I have a grouse with is I had, with a lot of pain (no, pain, no gain, hahn?) compiled a list of Shares and Mutual Funds I am watching on my portfolio page on, as I found their interface was quite good.

And one fine day, my login to doesn’t work. Believe me, I had spent hours feeding all the data, and now I am a blubbering mass of indignation, unable to retrieve my data. I surf to their home page and exclaim, “Ah, let me see their feedback works.”

Well, I fed back. The next day I get a reply, and I am overjoyed. Maybe they have rectified my account and I can access my Mutual Funds data once again. Oh, no, too early to celebrate. It is a polite “Form Letter” saying all nice, nice things such as: “Thanks you for contacting us ” and,“ We will get back to you,” etc.

As Anthonybhai would say, “Dis online world, only no? Justice-ich not there, men!


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