Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Read Technology and I Muse

I think, as I read this:

“One billion people around the globe now have access to the Internet

Mobile devices outnumber desktop computers by a factor of two to one

Nearly 50 percent of all U.S. Internet access is now via always-on broadband

In the first quarter of 2006, MySpace.com signed up 280,000 new users each day and had the second most Internet traffic

By the second quarter of 2006, 50 million blogs were created—new ones were added at a rate of two per second

In 2005, eBay conducted 8 billion API-based web services transactions.”

The above document is from the messiah of Web 2.0 - Tim O’Reilly - who is pioneering the next big thing in online technology. It, I mean technology, changes so fast that one has to run to stay in place. Technology pessimist as I am, my grouse about technology is that it has alienated man and become a devouring monster of the Godzilla kind.

So what? I am comfortable with things technical. What you see on this page are examples of the technology of the future. The “John’s shared items” are widgets imported from other sites and blogs with a single click. The ones above it are RSS syndication buttons. The links below are the latest in tagging technology. Now, what? Perpetual beta? He, he. For more, as they say, watch this space.


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