Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Valleywag, Silicon Valley's Tech Gossip Rag is silicon valley's gossip rag. Clicking on this link-->Valleywag, Silicon Valley's Tech Gossip Rag will take you there. As the blurb says: "Valleywag is a tech gossip rag. You people in Silicon Valley are far too busy changing the world to care about sex, greed and hypocrisy. But if you ever need a break, come visit us at Valleywag."

Hm, uh, articles include charts like "Google's relentless rise" juicy bits about Sergey Brin (Google founder) and his wife Anne Wojcicki's bioinformatics startup "23 and Me." It happens to be a wedding present, an expensive one at $ 3.9 million. Wouldn't diamonds have looked better on Ms. Wojcicki, Mr. Brin?

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