Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Indian Art Student Arrested, Fascism in Art, and Ragda Pattice!

Was numbingly sick yesterday with a stomach infection. Didn't have the energy to even get up, so spent the day in bed. Raamesh Gowri Raghavan phoned to say that a protest was taking place against the arrest of a student, Chandramohan, a student of MS University, Baroda, allegedly for depicting the vital role of the erotic in Hindu sacred art. Read zigzackly's blogpost simultaneous all India public protest. It also contains extensive links to original sources.

Feeling better today, through a bit groggy. So decided to avoid street food, actually a ragda pattice, which I suspect was swarming with e-coli and other bacterial growths of summer. I know the making of ragda pattice is an art, but in summer when the growth of e-coli and bacteria is at it's peak must be doubly careful.


Geets said...

Hey John, hope you are feeling better now.
Btw, you are tagged! See to-day's post on my blog for the details...

John said...

Hey Geets,

I am feeling better now.