Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Cyrus Broacha Became the Bakra

Yesterday I saw Cyrus Broacha fumble, stumble and get beaten up on MTV Bakra. For those not in the know MTV Bakra is a program that makes fun of people in real life situations and catch them with hidden cameras for viewers of the music channel. (I know this is a tad bothersome to sensitive souls like me and I do not approve of the tactics they employ, though I do laugh at the surprise on the faces of the Bakras when they are told they were conned.)

Broacha is the funny man whose jokes mainly center on barbershops where he cuts moustaches with garden shears, and meat choppers. He was trying his gag on a man who looked like a toughie. The toughie got irritated and slapped Broacha before the crew could intervene and save him. All for fun? What say? Are these channels so desperate to get viewers?

In another episode Broacha makes the same moves on a fairly senior man. The man was apparently in a hurry to go somewhere and just wanted a shave. The man was inconsolable and alleged that they were making fun of his age. He didn’t think what Broacha did was funny and he looked very upset. No amount of cajoling by the crew could make him smile.

Tip to Broacha and his ilk: Please, please select your bakras with care and do some much-needed soul searching. After all making fun of people and embarrassing them in public can, may be, lead to invasion of privacy, and consequent allegations of harassment.

Music Television Cyrus Broacha


Jon Aristides said...

Interesting, John. There was a New Zealand comic called "Stan the Man" who used to throw custard pies in the faces of unsuspecting people. He did it to the PM while the latter was waiting for a train--and got thoroughly beaten up for his pains by the PM's bodyguards! I actually wrote a story about it.

John said...

Hi Jon,

It is pathetic these reality television shows. What is galling is that the majority smile sheepishly and walk away instead of bashing up the funny man and his sidekicks. I personally am against these shows that laugh at unsuspecting people. Thanks for your comments.


John said...
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