Saturday, January 12, 2013

Woman Can Feel Romantic Love, Sexual Love and Attachment to Multiple Partners At Once! Good Read!

I watched this video by anthropologist Helen Fisher "Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat" with a lot of interest. 

She says what we feel as romantic love consist of romantic love, sexual love and attachment. And, amazingly (men won't believe this!) women are capable of feeling romantic love towards a person, sexual love towards another and attachment to another. Which mean at the same time a woman can feel all these towards one person or to many other persons. Of course, being the good actors they are, they can mask these emotions and hide it from their possessive men.


Problem with men is that they want women (their women) to feel all these to them all their life. This is true love. However, this is only the stuff of literature and poetry. I admit, it may have existed between Shah Jehan and Mumtaz, Heer and Ranjha, and Soni and Mahiwal. This sort of love that focuses closely on one person and none other, liking all he/she likes, hating all he/she hates is ideal but rare. It may exist for some time and then fade away giving rise to fights and possessive arguments.

Watch and make your own deductions. 

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