Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali Is Here. Hope Diwali Is a Blessed Time for You!

So, the festival of lights - Diwali - is here. And here's a picture I took on my evening walk yesterday in Belapur, New Bombay.

Anywhere I turn on my usual walk there are coloured lights, shimmering, coruscating,  winking, bursting, evanescing, disporting mirthfully and the whole area has a suffusion of light. It's Diwali, the festival commemorating the return of Ram to Ayodhya after winning back his wife from Ravana. Legend has it that people waiting with lighted lamps to welcome him back after the tiring battle.

Be that as it may, Diwali is the festival of lights, and I will remember it as such. It's joyous fun time when people exchange gifts and sweets and I hope I receive my usual quota too. I hope I won't be disappointed by a bad economy and the disturbing scams that surfaced recently of which I have written here. Johntext.de is a website published in Germany by my friend Hans-Jurgen John and I have a regular column in it and I am their India Manager. Now that I have the time I am doing something productive. So, please read the article.

Here's wishing you all, my readers, a Happy Diwali. May this be a bless Diwali to all of you. 

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