Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go Quietly into the Night - Rising Cost of Medical Treatment

Have you stopped and noticed what our world has come to? No? We have and we got a terrifying view. These days everyone is after your money and nobody is willing to offer service or take responsibility. It's like this: snatch your money, say goodbye, no more service, go die somewhere quietly. 

Medical practitioners are the worst culprits we feel. The very fact that it is not regulated and they are considered as "Gods" gives them ample leverage. A doctor we consult raised his fees by 66 per cent and nobody said anything. Gods can't be wrong and they can't make a mistake. Drug prices are always rising, never coming down. If you are sick: lie somewhere and die quietly and don't make a fuss, or, else, you will be robbed of all your property, savings, by unscrupulous elements in the name of tests and check-ups. 

Ask anyone who has been through the routine. We have. Why do tests cost so much? Because of the equipment? The equipment cost is made up in the first two years. Nurses? Nurses are badly paid in India. It's because of your friendly neighbourhood medical practitioner that tests are so costly. Does the IT department raid the doctors? No, they are Gods.

That said, we rest our case. When the time comes to lie down somewhere in a corner, we will go quietly into the night.

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