Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rajesh Khanna the First Superstar of Hindi Cinema Is No More

So the man who set many female hearts fluttering, wanting to fall in love with him is no more. Rest in peace Rajesh Khanna. His was a mischievous and carefree acting style which captured our minds in those days and we used to bunk college classes to go see him in nearby theatres. It was fun. We loved his mannerisms, his dramatic moments, his idealism, his playfulness. It captured hearts and walking on any road in those days you could see imitators of his hair style, his clothes, his mannerisms. We imitated him, and the theatre would erupt in whistles and cat calls when his songs came through the silvery-shining beam of the arc lights of the cinema. His songs were particularly good and it is said he didn't agree to act in a film if there weren't good songs. Amitabh's first hit "Zanjeer" was offered to him, but he declined to do it because it didn't have good songs. 

With his, Dev Anand's, Shammi Kapoor's, Dara Singh's (though he wasn't in the same league) passing an era has definitely ended in Hindi cinema. It's a loss that can't be mitigated. Those were the days of tall and goodlooking and well-groomed heroes. By comparison, the modern lot don't know a thing about acting or grooming. 

Capturer of our hearts, winner of women, Rajesh Khanna, Rest in Peace wherever you may be.

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