Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At the Launch of My Book "Urban Shots - Bright Lights" at Infinity Mall, Andheri

This picture was taken at the launch of "Urban Shots - Bright Lights" short story collection. The collection was the result of a nation-wide contest in which around 600 short story writers participated. I was among the top few to be selected for publication, and, here's the book. It contains my award-winning story, or, whatever (isn't being on top of a contest like winning an award?), named "P. K. Koshy's Daily Routine" which is about a retired government worker's struggle to come to terms with his new daily routine. As usual I write about people caught in the web of urban life, trying to extricate themselves, but not being able to do so. 

The launch was well attended and there was only standing space at the back. Some Bollywood actresses were also present to lend the "celebrity quotient" (this is a coinage I have borrowed from Bombay Times).

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