Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Is There a Connection between Fundamentalism and Misogyny?

Refer to our earlier post wherein we had talked about how women are suppressed in the Arab lands. Then read this article in which CIA is said to have foiled terrorists with what is known as an "Underwear Bomb." Yes, one which can be worn in the underwear. Pity the poor soul! Ahem! Rest in peace, and all that! Imagination runs riot, which we won't write about in this self-effacing, self-respecting blog. What is shocking is that misogyny is turning people into the hands of the fundamentalists. Is there a connection? We mean, between misogyny and fundamental belief? We guess there is.

Hatred of women mean hatred of even one's close women relatives. How can a man who hates his mother and sisters be thought to be a normal free-thinking person who believes in equality of sexes? More so, how can we have such hatred within the family, however dysfunctional or divided it may be? When we think of our mothers, we think of protecting them, not hating or offending them, however invidious they may be. That five percent of humanity (Arabs constitute 5 per cent of world population) is subject to such misconceptions is condemnatory.

The frustration of women in Arab countries should be seen to be believed. They pass you in their dark burqas their eyes blazing, wanting to appear normal, wanting to be accepted, but not succeeding. How long can this go on?

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