Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Going to Kerala for a Week!

From tomorrow I am off on my yearly vacation to Kerala. By train, of course. Nothing like the romance of train travel. In my childhood we travelled by steam-engine-drawn trains; these days they have graduated to diesel-engine-driven ones. Those days the journey took 3 days and took a circuitous route through Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. These days it takes only 24 hours on the Konkan Railway. Hooray! Those days we arrived, our faces full of soot from the steam-engine, our bodies still feeling the vibration of the train on wheels. These days we step out of the air-conditioned coach of the Garib Rath (the poor's chariot). And we don't feel those phantom vibrations. Those days we travelled by way of Cuddapah, these days we travel by way of Udupi (note the rhyming nature of the words). Both stations are well-known for the cuisines they produce. What contrasts! What similarities! So watch out! I will be posting a lot of pictures from my cute little Android phone straight to this blog space. The beauty of Kerala will be obvious from these pics, or, so I hope.

I am excited as only a child could be. These journeys are full of adventure, excitement, and the joy of catching up with family members in Kerala. Of course, I have a house to look after (pictured here) and a bit of maintenance and gardening to do. My cousin Mathukutty is the caretaker and I have to see if he is doing his job.  

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