Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tenth Anniversary of September 11, It's Today

God! It's the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Twin Towers. Or, World Trade Centre. I keenly watched it's progress as it was being built in the sixties and seventies. Yes, the sixties and seventies. It was conceived in the forties but several hurdles delayed the actual construction and it was not until 1970 that the inauguration took place. I was in school at that time. I kept reading about it in the newspapers which showcased it as the happening piece of architecture coming up in the world. There was wonderment in the air, a sense of anticipation, as before a train arrives. 

Then the final inauguration and I read about how the building sways a few feet in the strong winds of the Hudson. I read how the engineers had erected the towers, the shafts, restrooms, three stairwells, and other support spaces. All in all, a great structure - the tallest in the world - was coming up. And it was the World Trade Centre. Who wouldn't want to work in it? Point it out to people and say, "I work there." I thought I will see it at some point in my life. I didn't. I never went to the U.S. as I had expected. That dream eluded me, that country bypassed me.

But then what happened on September 11, ten years ago? I saw, on television, planes smashing into it, people running, dust as thick as a fog, fire-fighters rescuing, the television anchors in a dither over their shocked reportage, the world looking in shocked silence. Then it was newspapers, now it's the electronic media. News comes through wires and cables. Then it was newspapers and magazines. Then I read. Now I listen. There's a cacophony of voices. Was reading better than listening? I think it is. The whole paradigm changed. With visuals people now know the extent of their deprivation. People want to take revenge. Isolation crept into peoples' hearts. They are alienated. Acts of extremism has a basis in economic need. They aren't always religious in nature. 

God! Is it really 10 years? How long will this madness go on?  

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