Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet Once Lover Who Are Ditched by Each Other

This came via Amit Varma of, via Joy Bhattacharjya.

Meet Once Lover Who Are Ditched by Each Other.

Atal Behari Vajpayee made fun of such advertisements which exhorted, "Why don't we me once at least?" written on the walls of Delhi. There's such naked desperation in the ads. It's like the hacks in slums of Bombay whose signboards read "Dr. Satra, Physician and Surgeon." He neither knows what a physicians or surgeon is, and calls himself a doctor. Hm. Grr.

I am giving below some of my own interpretations:

  • Meet me, the fake doctor, all ye who have been ditched.
  • Come to me and I will let you meet the lover who has ditched you.
  • When lovers ditch each other, it's by mutual consent. Good. So, come to me, I will give you my blessings.
  • Meet the lover you ditched once. I will call him/her and make him/her come to you.
  • Some expletive deleted, expletive deleted, expletive deleted.
  • Some other interpretation which is open to you dear reader. In which case, write me a comment.
Our country is not lacking in quacks, of all kinds.

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