Monday, March 28, 2011

The Spat Between Sibal and Pitroda over National Knowledge Commission. Who Won?

Here's the bone of contention between Kapil Sibal, Minister for HRD, and Sam Pitroda (the man who liberated Indian telecom industry) at the national Vice-chancellor's conference. The two had an open spat at a public function and I would have been delighted to be there to watch.

Sam Pitroda was appointed as the Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) which sought to bring about reforms in higher education. All very well. Except that the recommendations made by Pitroda after five years, repeat five years of research has not been implemented. Pitroda has a right to be chagrined, I suppose. The NKC has a good website, a lot of material there, do read.

Since we desperately need reforms in higher education, why weren't the recommendations acted upon, implemented? The half-literate graduates we are churning out is ample evidence of everything not being hunky-dory in the refined (or is it confined) realm of higher education.

What I am anxious to learn in this environ of competition and one-up-manship is "who won"?

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