Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recovered from Viral Fever; Only 14 Pages Left of the Novel to Edit!

My ambition is to read sitting in it and fall asleep.
Not blogged for some days as I was down with a viral fever. Chills, weakness, headache, stuffy nose, so on. Didn't know a fever can be that debilitating in its assertion upon the vulnerable body. Everything went awry: routine, writing, blogging, reading, etc. It was only the day before and yesterday that I could read and write something. Glad to say only 14 pages are left of the final editing I have been doing on "Bandookwala." (The character has become so intimate that it seems it has become an alter ego.) The novel is my pain, my statement on the status of existence, my own personal hell. But it has come out better than expected. I am proud and happy at the outcome. I have to fill in some research portions, which can be done in due course of time. Next step is to get it printed and do a line editing with coloured pen. I have a red (as sin) pen-in-waiting. Then the corrections will be incorporated into the manuscript manually. I bought a beautiful copy-holder for that purpose. It cost me only Rs 250. With it I can look directly at the text while typing instead of bending over the manuscript (which would be horrible if you have a manuscript of 300 pages). Then it will go through the process of submission to agents. Thank you blog and readers for your encouragement and support.

And - this is the real message of this post - I am back!

Here's a picture of a beautiful jhoola which I bought for my terrace. I had coveted it for many months in the local cane shop. Now it occupies a pride of place on my terrace, the place where I have my breakfast, rather, a swinging breakfast. However, my ambition of spending a few hours reading in its cosiness hasn't materialised yet. Hm.

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