Thursday, May 14, 2009

Genetically Modified Crops: Read and be afraid, be very afraid....

Serendipity (as I had only recently written about farmer suicides resulting from genetically modified BT Cotton, see this article ), you might call it that, or chance, or a case of mutual affinity, perhaps, led me to this article written by Dan Baum for Playboy magazine on genetically modified food that is causing so much calamity in the farming population in India. The introduction to the article declares as follows:

“How big agriculture and the U.S. government bungled the biotech revolution and made a deal with the devil.”

Read the article and see what the result has been to not only the farming community in the U.S. but in the rest of the world. Read and be afraid, be very afraid.... Also read how Multinational Corporations are gaining control over the food chain. What is to be afraid is the emergence of man-made genetic combinations or mutations which will wreak havoc with both farmers and what goes into our dinner plate. Things are happening too fast in the genetic modification laboratories of multinationals, e.g., by now you are already eating genetically modified chicken, and you may be eating genetically modified fish and mutton next. The point is that moving genes from one organism to another cannot be undone.

Indian farmers are caught in just the first onslaught of the multinationals’ evil designs. "The European Union and a handful of other nations have practically banned genetically engineered foods altogether. In the U.S. even the National Academy of Science has weighed in with a stern warning: Slow down! Meanwhile the Frankenfood [the food Frankenstein] invasion continues in force.”

Why is India promoting the use of GM cotton despite the disastrous effect it is having on farmers? One wonders.

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