Monday, May 18, 2009

Election Result: People Want Less Corruption, Less Hatred, More Stability

Whatever you say of India, the democratic process is still strong and doesn't hesitate to punish wrong-doers and silly unscrupulous bribe takers and reward those who are in the right. The congress had stalwarts who were known to be free of blemishes in their standing and who were upright in their conduct in power like: Dr. Manmohan Singh, AK Antony, Pranab Mukherjee, etc. were brought back to power. So the voters' decision was to have people who can be trusted to bring stability and give a thumbs down to corrupt people who were riding high on the single point of their much flaunted fundamental approach, which, sad to say, no longer gels with the people. Look at how people rejected fundamentalism as the way to redress their problems. It's a victory of the Indian electorate, the people who queue up to give their vote to whoever they consider as trustworthy and uncorrupt.

If anyone from anywhere around the world has been reading this and wondering what I am blabbering about; this is to inform them that the monolithic Congress party of which the above worthies are members have swept to power with a majority in the democratically conducted elections. Amen.

There’s a lot of “I told you so” in the media, with pundits of various hues and attire waxing eloquent for hours together, all saying one thing: “I told you so.” All this when the same pundits had said that it will be a tough fight and there will be a hung parliament and the mainline coalitions would be dependent on local satrapies of Lalloo Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Mayavati, Nitish Kumar, etc. Well, that has not been the case.

India has won another battle in asserting that it is a secular state and that any attempt to turn it into a Hitlerian (The man in saffron who models himself after one, and the young upstart who wants to outdo him!) oligarchy would be strongly opposed. Democracy, dear people, is all about tolerance and amity with each other, not about hatred or vendetta.

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