Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Have the Card-carrying Leftists Done So Well in Life?

I wonder why all the leftist activist friends of mine, the apologists for Moscow and Beijing, the bearers of the red flag, the card-carrying members of the Communist Party of India, the ones who believed in revolution happening during their life time have done so well in their lives when compared to the believers in democracy, fair play, market economics and laissez faire, such as yours truly. For example:

One is a capitalist entrepreneur with factories in 6 locations!

One is heading his own advertising agency with a billing of 6 crore!

One is ruling over an internet conglomerate that designs the website of India's premier industrial house.

One, who was a naxalite in his youth (he had burnt a bus, he confessed, modestly) is heading a publishing group that's rising very fast in the power echelon.

And many more! Take these four examples and what's in common? Commitment? Ideology? What? It stumps me to think all these! While I am struggling to make ends meet these others have at least three cars, big bungalows, air=conditioned homes and offices. I have none of these. Amen! Alleluiah!

En Passant

With modern and instant communications why are we so backward in addressing a receipient of our emails/SMS? Here's an SMS from someone I don't know:

"Can you send me mobile number of xxxxx?" He/she doesn't address me. Come on, even a "hi" or even my name "John" would have done. Then he doesn't sign himself. So how can I figure who he is? Could be anyone for all I care. Needless to say, I didn't reply. I don't encourage such brevity and such arrogance.

Times were when I used to send letters/cards to my relatives, my pen friends, my contacts around the world and actually write a nice message sign it and then write the address and stick the stamps and put it in a red box. Then I used to wait in anticipation for the reply, which usually took a long time, and the expectation was sweet. What happened to all that? Are we progressing or regressing?

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