Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Now... at the Airtel Gallery....

Went to the Airtel Gallery at Fountain, Bombay, directed there by the stationery shop that sold me the refill card. I was dying to tear at somebody, give somebody hell, face somebody. But I am directed again to a phone near a corner facing the wall. Is a customer not worth anything these days?

I amn't facing any human being, still. I am facing a wall and talking into a telephone again. It seems customer support is only for selling new lines, new cards and fancy mobile phones. I feel insulted, cornered and embittered. Is there any end to my humiliation? Why can't I face an executive and tell my story, give him/her a piece of my my mind that is in turmoil. Has all human touch vanished from customer support? I swallow my pride and go the booth indicated. I dial 999 and am told by Roshan Karkera, again from Airtel Customer Support that some virus thingammajig had entered my Rs 18,000 Nokia E61i and is deducting the balance in my Airtel prepaid card. He tells me he can't do anything, give me any credit. I will have to re-format my phone or buy a new one!

Presumtuous crap! I am livid with rage! I shout and rant!

How can a computer virus, however potent, deduct money from my prepaid card? How? Can any thinking, feeling human being tell me that? Can they?

Oh hell, I can't believe this is happening to me. I leave the Airtel gallery disgusted, my head hanging down, disconsolate, discomfited.

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