Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why Writing is Harder than Programming (Paul Graham)

To those who think writing, is, or rather, has always been easy, here's an article that will shake you out of that misconception, or, mindset, - Why Writing is Harder than Programming (Paul Graham).

That said, I was approached recently to write the documentation of a software that was already into implementation. I asked, "Why didn't you have a writer doing the documentation as you were writing the code?" Okay, okay, coding is tough, coding is specialized, coding is nerve wracking. But, gentlemen, writing, too, is all this! So, you assumed you could save some money. Great, now, suffer.

Heard the Malayalam saying, "Utharathile edukkukayum venam, kashathile pokukayum aruthu," meaning wanting to take what is kept on the lintel while not losing what is in the armpit.

Now when it come to software projects why are there twenty-five programmers and only one writer, if at all? People, whatever the misconceptions you are harboring, writing isn't easy. Ask Paul Graham.

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