Monday, October 02, 2006

Mark Foley, What Folly? Sharukh on CNN-IBN!

Well, well, read this article about Republican congressman Mark Foley who is in the thick of allegations that he exchanged sexually explicit emails with house pages (a page is a a boy who is employed to run errands for congressmen, and are usually teenagers).

"Foley, a well-liked Florida Republican who cochaired the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, resigned abruptly Friday afternoon after ABC News confronted him with graphic, sexual computer messages between Foley and a page. The e-mails refer explicitly to sexual acts, with Foley expressing his desire to remove the teen's shorts."

What's so unlikely and shocking is that Foley is a person responsible for "Missing and Exploited Children," and in this case of the fence eating the crop, or the treasurer appropriating the treasure, was expected to be responsible in his conduct. Makes one wonder why people in children-related positions aren't screened before being appointed. From this story it seems that even an Indian NGO was involved in trafficking children, to be then put up for adoption.

Saw today the Sharukh Khan interview on CNN-IBN. Must say he is a very articulate person with a prosaic and, well, intelligent bent of mind. Do take a look.
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