Friday, September 29, 2006

500 Women for Every 1000 Men in Jaura Block? Fact, Not Joking!

I am shocked to read this article a link of which I came across on Annie's blog. (Annie works for the Hindu newspaper group. Interestingly, her blog has page rank of 5 on 10 and her employer's web edition has a page rank of 1 on 10! Check it out yourself, if you are familiar with Google page ranks!)

"The district (Morena) has a dismal sex ratio of 822 women for every 1,000 men. In Kailaras and Pahadgarh blocks, at least 100 villages have a sex ratio of less than 600 and in Jaura block it is less than 500 in some villages."

Talk of skewed sex ratios. If there are only 500 women for every 1000 men in Jaura district, imagine, just imagine what would be the situation of the men, nay, the situation of the women there.

Now Annie and I participated in the "Blank Noise Project" which had initiated a blogathon on Street Harassment which all about public harassment of women. This is her contribution to the blogathon and this is mine.

Now what I am waffling towards is this. If there are only 500 women in Jaura block for every 1000 lecherous, grabbing, groping, feeling men, and if all the stories of harassment that I read in the many blogs that participated in the blogathon are true (I do not for a moment disbelieve it, I know) then imagine what this country is heading towards!

There wouldn't just be Street Harassment but street rapes and street killings. Why do parents cry when a girl is born and distribute sweets when a boy is born? Can somebody do something about it, fast?

Another Blank Noise Project was a walk they organized in Delhi against Street Harassment. Read Annie's account here.
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