Monday, July 12, 2004

There is this news item on that caught my eye.

"Delhi kids set world record in dancing continuously for 55 hours."

Great achievement, indeed.

But for what? You can set a record of anything... walking... smiling... kissing... dancing... intercourse... but what's the point?

There was this program on AXN that showed decent people eating worms for a few dollars! That too crinkling their nose and almost vomiting. Again what is the point they want to make?

All this is happening when the world is being heated up like never before in ambient carbon dioxide and el ninos are lashing and destroying lives.

I guess people would do anything for a little publicity... eating worms included... they think they will be celebrities... famous... the works!

But who the hell cares for someone who did a shameful and ugly manipulation to get into the records?

I wonder... I wonder....

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