Wednesday, July 07, 2004

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The budget blues... don't know why people are scared of the budget... because they will be paying more for all things they buy... but that is inevitable... and what is inevitable should be accepted....

The market showed a brief upturn for the good... it has been down for some time now... the rains are here... so it's back to umbrellas and an old jacket I bought when I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

My short story "E-slaves" got a good reception from readers of I was ranked tenth in their "Hall of Fame"... guess I have to celebrate that... maybe when I get some money....

What is this thing about governments levying 2 per cent cess on all items for education... sounds like madness to me... Education is the most corrupt sector in India and they want to pour money down the drain! Can't believe this is happening!

Parents have to pay through their nose to get their children an education... now they want to spoil things further....

Saw some weary... way out... wacko people on my afternoon walk in the tech park where I work... all of them had pasty complexions and funny hair... wonder what they would do for the future of our nation... by being such software "coolies."

Guess our management policies need some rethinking!

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