Saturday, August 23, 2003

Salt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about sodium chloride: "What you always wanted
to know about salt*
*and now you have someone to ask.
What is salt?
Where does salt come from?
Are surface salt deposits visible from space?
Does salt have historical significance?
Any consumer tips on using salt?
Where is salt produced in North America?
How much salt is produced in the U.S.?
How much salt is produced around the world?
What technologies are used to produce salt?
What is 'solar evaporation'?
What is 'solution mining'?
What is 'vacuum pan evaporation'?
What is 'rock salt'?
By production technology, how much salt is produced?
What's the biggest use of dry salt?
What's the biggest use of salt in brine?
Why do we use salt in cooking and food processing?
Where can I get recipes featuring salt?
What's more important: health outcomes or blood pressure?
What about salt and blood pressure?
What do doctors think about sodium and hypertension?
Do studies show cutting dietary salt reduces heart attacks?
What's the latest major study about dietary salt and health?
What does the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration say about 'Reduced dietary salt for prevention of cardiovascular disease'?
What's the latest major analytical review on dietary salt science?
What's the latest major analytical review on dietary salt policy?
What about salt and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Do athletes need extra salt?
Why do we use iodized salt?
Is salt the best highway deicer?
How does salt compare to alternative deicers?
Why do animals need salt and trace minerals?
Why use salt in your water softener? (hint: searc"

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