Monday, December 29, 2003

Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce:

"In September 1999, OCI received information regarding the Norfolk Men's Clinic and the website. Based on this information, several covert purchases were made via the Internet. Search warrants were executed in October 1999 that resulted in the seizure of prescription drugs along with numerous business records. Additional covert purchases were made from part of the Internet operation in West Virginia. Based on these purchases and numerous interviews, several individuals were indicted. In addition to defendants Pusztai and Yates, the president of a prescription drug wholesaler located in Miami, Florida, and the company itself, pled guilty to distributing midbranded drugs and to obstruction of justice. In conjunction with the indictment, a second search warrant was executed in Clanton, Alabama along with two search warrants in West Virginia. While most of the drugs sold in this operation were domestic product, some appeared to have originated in New Zealand."

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