Saturday, September 03, 2016

How the Mainstream Media Let Readers Down

Take a look at this discussion about how our reading habits have changed, how it has been curtailed by the oppressive mainstream media. We have been deprived of the following:

1. Book/music/art reviews
2. Engagement/Events column
3. Crosswords
4. Poetry
5. Short stories
6. Letters to editor, etc.

Instead we have paid PR news about:

1. Which star is in bed with whom
2. Leggy models at parties and fashion shows
3. Which marriages are breaking up
4.  Holiday destinations of stars
5. Who bitched what about whom
6. Ghost-written columns by stars
7. Which star punched whom
8. Which celebrity is rising and which one is falling.

Is this responsible mainstream journalism. The newspaper publisher in mainstream media seems to be saying:

"We don't care fuckall for your five rupees. We get enough from the PR agencies. Your readership be damned, take it, or, leave it. Take your five rupees and scram. Your opinion is worth shit compared to the celebrities we have on board."

And, the readers seem to be saying, "If you are not careful, mainstream media, you will soon be dead as dodos. We know how to get news from the social media. You aren't doing us a favour. So, rest in peace, Mainstream Media."

What do you think?

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