Friday, September 13, 2013

A Death

We have made the morning walk an integral part of our regimen. On today's perambulation around our home we learnt that a local former corporator's wife had died. A crowd had gathered among which was the corporator who is an acquaintance. So we sat with the mourners to show solidarity and sympathy for the family.

The local drunk was present, who was asking for money from the corporator, and he was shooed away by the big man's henchmen. A few men who have illusions about their greatness also joined, you know, the sort who dominate housing society meeting, and make representations to the corporation. They wore white safari suits or white shirts, the colour of mourning. It was interesting to see the party power-play at work. The corporator who hails from a village close to our native place in Kerala had made the transition to New Bombay rather nicely and was known for his good work to the locals. They all belong to the party helmed by a "bhau (brother)", who is quite a powerful man in the area.

Another corporator from a nearby constituence came and in a big sports utility vehicle, causing a flutter, but our corporator didn't give her any respect. He didn't budge from his seat. This lady had a regal bearing fit for Maharanis and had the imperiousness of somebody in power. This was evident in the number of people who immediately rushed to receive her. There were jokes and camaraderie in the place where the mourners sat, quite inappropriate, we think, to the occasion.

Anyway, we sneaked out as more and more people arrived and the place became akin to a political meeting, or, rally, whatever.

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