Monday, July 08, 2013

The Nigella Lawson- Charles Saatchi Affair

Something about the Nigella Lawson-Charles Saatchi (he, of the agency Saatchi and Saatchi) issue disturbed us. Here are two celebrities (within their own rights) having a fight in public as if nobody is watching. How often has this happened? In reversal of roles, a friend's brother - recently married (at that time) - was slapped in public by his wife and this ended in divorce. The issue is not of domestic violence as much as our ability to go out of control in today's circumstances. That the incident has ended in divorce is also worrisome. Why didn't she go for a divorce earlier? What was keeping her from going to the police?

We saw her cookery shows and the somehow forced smile on her face as she dished out fares we could only salivate over. We could detect a patina of melancholy on her face. She is attractive, plump in a pleasant way and a millionairess (whatever). Why should she stick with a man who, we don't know, may be a brute who would think nothing of strangling her in public? Yes, why? It bothers us.

Domestic violence is not only an issue between husband and wife. We hear it is rampant in India. A man wants control and when he doesn't get any, he goes berserk. We need to rethink why domestic violence occurs and whether there is a solution. Surely, women are reporting more incidents these days than before. But what about women who are totally under the control of the husband's extended family, as it happens in India?

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