Friday, March 22, 2013

John Lennon's Glasses

I am a great fan of John Lennon. (Nothing to do with the first name, I hasten to add. John is a very common name in Western countries.) Have always been. So when Yoko Ono tweeted the glasses John wore when he was killed by a crazy fan to gave rise to a train of thought that chugged right through the afternoon. So, this blogger, thought of immortalising it with a blog post.

John always wore glasses with round frames. Don't know why, but he did. May be, he loved the shape, may be, it went well with his rather straight and narrow facial features, may be, he liked to look at himself wearing round glasses. Gandhiji wore such similarly-framed glasses. My mother wore them too. 

However, be that as it may, walk into an optician's store these days and ask for a round frame. They aren't available. They have: teardrop, stretched, luminescent, thin frames, frameless, all kinds, except the round shape. Guess they avoid it like the plague after what happened to John. In which case, it is a tragic thing.

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