Saturday, September 01, 2012

Shed a Tear for Maya Kodnani

We still can't believe Maya Kodnani, a woman, a doctor (gynacologist, at that), a politician, and a minister could do it. For days we have been shaking our head and saying to ourself, "this can't be happening." But it has happened. How can this happen? See what we mean? We still haven't come, sort of, to terms with it. The fact that she has been arrested and convicted points a finger at her complicity in one of the worst communal carnage the country witnessed. She now has to spend 28 years in jail, which would mean her entire life.

We also see her as a victim. Higher-ups gave a command and she obeyed it. Rather zealously. We shed a tear for the Maya Kodnanis of our country. They are mere pawns. They are doomed to spend their lives in prison. Now the very people who gave the command have distanced themselves from her. Can the minister for women and child welfare look at another woman and child of a community and sleep peaceably in the night? As a doctor her responsibility is to protect lives not kill. As a woman she is naturally designed to nurture life. She has failed in both.

Actually, rather cynically, we thought nothing would come out of the Special Investigative Team (SIT) that was probing into the carnage. Just another white wash, we were telling ourselves. But they did a commendable job gathering evidence and sentencing the guilty. So, all hope is not lost. 

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