Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Travelling by air-conditioned bus today

Every time I enter Dadar Parsi colony it feels as if I am entering another country: no hawkers, no pan, no destitutes, no groundnut vendors, no haphazard parking, no road romeos, no litter, no spit on the walls, and above all no faeces lying around. Hm.

Now for the "yes's". Nicely laid out lawns (can you believe? lawns?), five gardens in a space of around a football field, painted buildings, no hasty and ugly extensions, no plastics (there I go again with the "nos"), good solidly maintained buildings that look good for another 200 years. Couldn't see a single Parsi bawaji though.

I took this picture after I had passed Dadar Parsi Colony. By the time I got it ready it was too late. Will make it a point to give you a good picture next time.

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