Friday, November 18, 2011

Office Bozos

In the biography of Steve Jobs that I am reading there's a mention of a category of co-worker who can be called "Bozo." I looked it up, since it looked like a significant word from the sound of it. I found it meant: A stupid, rude, or insignificant person, esp. a man.

Further the book mentions Steve as saying: "If you hire bozos, you get bozos." Seems the tribe multiples as if by cell division.

We get a lot of them these days. Probably you are right now sitting facing someone who fits the description of a Bozo. A worker sends a bunch of papers with a clip to a senior executive and the office boy removes the clip because he thinks a clip isn't needed. That's bozo behaviour one of the day.

Here's bozo behaviour two: A worker sends a few invoices with initials to another department and gets them back with the note: "Please endorse invoices with complete signature, not initials." Bozo, strikes again!

That brings me to the definition of "Sozos." Actually, there isn't such a term, but I coined it just now. Generally, in a manner of speaking it means, "Stupid Bozo."

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