Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bangalore – 1 – High in the Sky Where I Would Have Turned into an Icicle

At Bombay airport I watch from the waiting area as an aircraft just takes off into the thick fog and melts away, deep into the atmosphere, leaving no trace behind. Airtravel has always had a fascination for me. I have been travelling a modest bit, been to five countries (go ahead, laugh) but airtravel always hold a great charm for me. I always sit in the window seat and look at the land below and the passing lights of small towns and villages in the night. Today there's a haze over the airport, indeed the whole city is in a haze. The sun glints on the wings and there's a beautiful rainbow over the thick fluffy clouds to the right of the aircraft where I am seated. Some statistics from the captain:

Speed: 824 kmph
Altitude: 9000 metres above sea level
Temperature: -34 degree.

Can you imagine? While I was being taken to the airport at 4:30 a.m. the taxi fell behind a chicken truck and I can't explain the sadness here of chicken cooped in their coop. But they seemed awake and unconcerned, shifting this way and that for comfort. The driver was cruising at 80 kmph and I felt jittery. I don't know what would happen. I am chicken. Airborne I was travelling at ten time its speed and I felt nothing. Reason: no passing scenery. Had there been some landmarks passing by I would have got the feeling of the speed. 824 would make a huge blur outside my window. And the bigger shocker is that at that temperature and speed I would have become an icicle or an ice gola (round thing) and would have splintered and been dismembered. He...he....

But here I am writing my indefatigable description of cities. I have written one about Delhi here, so here are my impressions of Bangalore right here in many parts.

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