Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Road Outside My House Is Dug Up. Grrr.

I have often railed about roads being dug up, drainage holes being kept open (a man, on his morning walk could succumb to gravity and end up in the water he just flushed), and sundry other things. So, imagine my chagrin when I got home last night. The entire area outside my house was dug up. Yes, and the drainage hole was open too. Revenge is sweet, the municipal guys seemed to be saying. I guess, poor soul that I am, I brought it upon myself.

As such things go; I am sure the dug space will remain thusly for many more weeks. Somani Marg is still an ugly mess. At least, three roads on my way to work and back are really in dire straits. I think there should be a commission with a commissioner for dug up road in Bombai. He (Or, she, remember gender equality and all that, the reservation bill having been resoundingly passed in parliament with a voice vote, confirming the vocal power of the fairer sex.) should go ahead seeing that every road is re-surfaced after it is unceremoniously dug up. I would like the commissioner to be a commissionatrix (or, whatever, because only a woman can do this job), so that she can out-shout and out-charm the road diggers, a pestilent lot that they are.

Meanwhile I am extra-careful not to find my behind inside a drainage hole in the next few weeks. So wish me luck.

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