Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Ambani Brothers' Duel

So the Ambani brother’s spat about sharing of KG Basin gas is out in the open and charges are being traded in newspapers, as can be seen in this exclusive in Economic Times.

Will India’s premier industrial conglomerate remain embedded in such fraternal spats for ever? Who will be a peace-makers or a peace-broker to the brothers, as Mukesh has already allegedly ruled out the mediation efforts of their mother, Kokilaben.

But aren't the children forgetting something their father believed in, quite adamantly at that? He never, repeat, never washed dirty linen in public. Even at the height of the controversy with Bombay Dyeing (when the press were giving him loads of bad publicity) he never went to the press to clarify his position maintaining his dignity and his distance.

Are the sons following these basic rules?


GoodSpeed said...

We live a Different world today. We have forgotten the old days of Respect. They are not the only ones but lots of other guy who do the same.

John said...


Yes, what to do?