Friday, March 28, 2008

Taslima from Somewhere in Europe... I Want to Come Back!

"Speaking from a hospital bed somewhere in Europe, Taslima said: "I cannot tell you where I am because for the first time the world thinks that I am a dangerous person, thanks to the Indian government which kept me in a lock up for nearly seven months.

"By keeping me confined for so long and trampling my human and democratic rights they could tell the world that I am dangerous and should be kept away from the mainstream society," said Taslima, who is believed to be in Sweden, using her Indian mobile number in order to disguise her whereabouts. "

She wants to return to india and continue her activism:

"I still want to return to India. I am not sure if I would be allowed. I can lead a cosy, tension-free life here anytime. But I am a secular humanist and a feminist and I have to write and work for the women there (in the subcontinent). The society there needs me. I have to work on social projects in India in the most backward places," she said."

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