Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How To Accept a Dear John Letter!

Here, ahem, is that vital piece of information that many (Including me, John, hehe) have been looking for. How To Accept a Dear John Letter

Not that I have received any "Dear John" letters so far in my boring life. Thank providence for small mercies (draws sign of the cross! God bless!). But the tips here seem rather useful. Among them:

Write a "Dear Jane" letter in reply, but don't send it yet. If you read the first part and posted it, go to the post office and ask for the letter back, as I did (No, not a "Dear Jane" letter, but a letter to an errant relative) some time ago.

Take your "Dear Jane" letter. Go to a far off place, a mountain top, perhaps, would do just fine. Take a match, light it, stick it at the bottom corner of the offending "Dear Jane" and see it burn bright and then die.

You can then open the Chardonnay or Bordeaux and celebrate life and the "love lost" relationship! Celebrate your freedom!


Liz said...

Dear John,



John said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks. Glad to know that you were here.



John said...


I forgot the iron. hehe

So I have got my first "Dear John" letter.